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What does preparation include?


  • Meetings at the Institute: 5 hours (2 or 3 sessions, your choice); 10 hours (5 sessions, 2 hours each). The meetings will be held Sunday – Thursday online.
  • A full online practice pack which includes the analysis of 3 essays.
  • Studying the three types of test questions (completion of sentences, reformulation, reading comprehension).
  • Learning to write an essay in the Hebrew language.
  • Strategy planning and time management.
  • Strengthening the foundations of the language: structure of the sentence, prepositions, words of connection, forms of passive voice and more.


Course materials

  • A Vocabulary for YAEL: The YAEL course includes hundreds of words, idioms, expressions and tests that will help you to understand these words.
  • A Course booklet: The booklet is used by the students and the teacher during the lessons and includes exercises to do at home between lessons. The booklet includes detailed explanations of the structure of the YAEL test, the types of questions in the test, the time allotted to each chapter in the test, the method of work in each question type, and lots of practice. It also contains comprehensive explanations of grammatical and syntactic material relevant to the test.
  • Full simulation tests: Students in the course get access to 5 online simulation tests. You can practice any simulation test with a time limit, just as it is in the real test, or indefinitely. Each test includes solutions and detailed explanations for each question.
  • Two additional tests: The National Center, the body that develops the YAELT test, allows access to two full YAEL/YEALNET tests that appeared in previous years.
  • An Online Training Pack: You will get access to an online training pack. A comprehensive assessment which includes additional explanations and further practice (in the format of individual questions).

Course content

    • Getting to know the YAEL test: How is the test built? How long does the test last? What is the test score scale? What does it mean? What grade will entitle the examinee to be exempt from Hebrew studies in their degree course? Who qualifies for a test? What adjustments can I get and how do I get these adjustments? What does the test evaluate?
    • The most effective methods for solving each of the questions in the YAEL test: Each of the three types of test questions must be approached differently. In questions of completion of sentences, for example, we must carefully read the whole question. In contrast, in order to answer comprehension questions, there is no need to read the entire section.
    • Strategy planning and time management: The meaning of strategic planning is to decide which type of question to start answering first, how much time to allocate to each question type, whether to guess and if so in what cases.
    • Essay Writing: The grade of the essay constitutes one-third of the test score. In the course, we will learn how to write essays of various types, how much time should be allocated to thinking, writing, proofreading, how to proofread an essay and more. Each student will write many essays during the course, which will be professionally examined by the instructor.
    • Grammatical and syntactic material: The YAEL test evaluates grammar and syntax. Explanations and practice exercises in grammar appear both in the course manual and in the online tutorial.
    • Effective methods for learning vocabulary: Most testers memorize long lists of words or use the tabs, but there are more effective methods that ensure long-term recall of these words. In the Noam course, you will learn a variety of such methods.

Our Teachers

 נעם מתניה

Noam Matanya

  • BA in linguistics from Bar Ilan University.
  • AMIR, AMIRAM and YAEL teacher.
  • Specialised in Learning strategies and exams preparation
  • Tutoring Since 2012.


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