What is a Codility Test?

Codility is an online coding platform that different tech companies (such as Microsoft, Check Point, Amdocs and others) use for Online Assessment. It is an automated coding test, that is later reviewed by a professional. On this test, you will typically receive a combination of 3 questions to be solved in 60-90 mins.

The Online Assessment, also called Online Technical Screen (OTS), is one of the first stages of the hiring process. It generally involves a Codility interview, a phone interview, or both. 

What is the passing score for the Codility Test?  

Your code will be graded automatically depending on its efficiency with all possible inputs: 

  • 100% = Automatic Pass 
  • 60% and below = Automatic Reject 
  • 60%-100% = Code needs to be reviewed.  

When reviewed, your code will be assessed based on how optimal it is, and on your understanding of the solution.  

What questions will you be asked on the Codility test?  

Technical interview questions will generally assess basic algorithm and data structure knowledge. 

On the Codility test question types may be:  

  • Debugging Questions 
  • Coding questions that require implementing data structures and algorithms (Strings, Binary Trees, etc.)  
  • MCQ (multiple choice questions) 
    For Ex. How many comparisons do you need to find the minimum value on a 5-element array? 
    Answer: (n-1)(4)

You will also be expected to answer computer subjects:  

  • Operating systems  
  • DBMS 
  • Computer Networks 

These are the Codility Test's most common question topics: 

  1. Arrays/Strings (most frequent)
  2. Linked lists 
  3. Binary trees  
  4. Search/Sort 
  5. Dynamic programming  
  6. Bit manipulation  

Covering all these topics may seem like a lot, but practicing the most common questions will save you tons of time and effort.

What programming language will you be using on Codility?  

You’ll be given the option to choose your preferred programming language before you begin the test. Similarly, with our Prep Course, choose the language you most prefer to code with (C++, Java, Python or Javascript), and start practicing. 

Is the Codility test hard?

The difficulty level of the Codility test depends on the company you're interviewing for, your level of experience and the specific role you’re applying for. 

The main challenges here are:  

  • Working under time pressure.  
  • Not being able to tell the interviewer your thought process directly. 

Because of this, many people finish this test with blank answers and fail to pass the code review.

How Can You Prepare and Pass the Codility Test? 

Learn how not to leave any blank questions because of time constraints 

It may be difficult and sometimes unrealistic to come up with the optimal solution for all coding questions given to you under time limits.

  • Track your speed and work on solving questions more quickly.
  • Learn your speed limits so you could manage your time and divide it between questions on the real Codility test.
  • Take timed OA simulations to reduce stress when coding under time pressure. 

Learn data structures and algorithms thoroughly

Practice commonly asked question topics (Arrays, Linked Lists, Binary trees, Search/Sort, and more) to be prepared for any type of question that may appear on the test. 

Approach new problems efficiently

Practice many questions and their full solutions to develop your ability to:

  • Ask important clarification questions
  • Consider different and alternative solutions for the same problem
  • Approach new problems more smoothly and with more confidence

Our prep course can help. 

In our preparation pack, you’ll get access to a thorough prep course covering all question types found on the Codility test.  

This includes: 

    • 312 Data Structure and Algorithms questions with full solutions 
      Covering most common questions on: arrays, linked lists, Binary trees, Search/ Sort, Dynamic programming, and Bit manipulation.
    • 4 programming languages: C++, Java, Python, JavaScript. 
    • Possible hints for each question 
    • Video explanations on some main topics’ questions. 
    • Reading material and MCQ based quizzes for core computer subjects: Operating Systems, DBMS and Networking 
    • A time recorder for each question, so you could keep track of your solving time and practice your time management skills. 
    • 10 Coding Assessments simulating the Codility test (in the form of coding contests).
    • 4 simulations of the on-site virtual rounds (mock tests) based on actual interview experiences.

All on one online coding platform.  

Important Tips for your Online Assessment  

1. Communicate your thought process

It is important to Communicate your rationale and write comments during the OA. Here are a few tips for that:

  • Speak about what you're doing out loud as you solve each coding problem.
  • Use clear and formal coding concept names when making comments.
  • Use logical sequences to build your explanations.

2. Ask clarification questions

If possible, the first step when approaching a problem should be asking important (but not excessive) clarification questions. What if you can’t ask any questions? No problem. Write your questions in a comment, along with the appropriate adjustments that are needed for each case-scenario.

3. Describe the efficiency of your code

Show the reviewer you fully understand your solution by commenting on your code’s time and space complexity, as well as benefits and drawbacks.

4. Try using the Codility platform

Take the Codility demo test to boost familiarity with the coding platform and reduce stress on the actual Codility test. Note that Codility questions varies from company to company.

Codility Test FAQs

Which companies use the Codility Test in their hiring process?

The codility test is used in the hiring process for SDE1 or similar roles in companies such as Microsoft, Check Point, matrix, Amdocs, HP Indigo and Facebook.

How can I access the Codility test?

You’ll receive a link 1-2 days before the scheduled interview. Feel free to open the link and read the instructions, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to start the test.

Will I have to turn on my camera?

Codility usually requires turning on your camera, so be sure to be fully dressed, and if you thought about cheating - you may want to reconsider that.

Can I google during the Codility test?

You can use websites and books unless instructed otherwise by the recruiter.  

What will happen once I hit “start the test”?

You will not be able to stop the timer. Your code will be saved automatically throughout the test, even if you close the browser window and open it again.  

Is the Codility test recorded?

Codility Usually records the whole history, including runs and corrections. This does NOT mean you have to be perfect - the opposite is true. Mistakes tell the reviewer about your ability to work your way to the solution.

Could I go back and change my code?

When finishing a coding task, clicking “submit” will not allow you to go back and modify your code.  

Microsoft ,Check Point, Amdocs, HP Indigo, Nvidia, Facebook, Codility and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with Machon Noam.


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