Would you like to go to EMIS?

The Eastern Mediterranean International School (EMIS) is an international boarding school for 200 students who live and study together. It is a two-year program (11th – 12th grade), during which students study to earn an International Baccalaureate diploma.

As part of the admissions process, candidates are required to submit a recommendation letter, write an essay (250-500 words), and have a personal interview with the admissions committee.

Should you prepare in advance for the admissions process?

  • Preparation for the EMIS admissions process will improve your chances of getting into EMIS.
  • Suitable preparation will boost your confidence about the admissions process.
  • Our preparation will let you know what to expect, which will improve your real-time performance.

​"The difference between a child that came unprepared and a child that came prepared is huge."


Recommendation of a parent whose child had been to our 'Hakfar Hayarok' Edcuation Center's Preparation, March 2018. 

Our preparation kit includes

    • Help with the online form and the essay

Noam Institute has a team of experienced psychologists who are experts in writing resumes and filling out personality questionnaires. Our staff will help you sort out which information is essential for the questionnaires, teach you how to write an essay, and offer assistance in many other areas.

    • Preparation for the personal interview

Noam Institute offers personal guidance with a school-age specializing psychologist. Instruction will include a simulation of the personal interview as well as comprehensive feedback. This way, during your interview, you will be more familiar with the situation, and you will have the tools to navigate a full interview in a relaxed, confident manner.

→For more information about the interview preparation kit

More information about EMIS

  • The school is located in the Sharon area, in central Israel.
  • The International Baccalaureate is taught in English. All students learn a second language (either Hebrew or Arabic).
  • Twenty percent of the students are from Israel, another 20% are from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East regions, and the rest are from all over the world.
  • Scholarships are offered to select students.
  • As part of its full International Baccalaureate (IB) program, the school teaches environmental studies.

The full Admissions process:

  • An online application form and a recommendation letter should be sent by February.
  • The application form should include a personal essay, in which candidates should write about themselves and why they want to attend EMIS. The essay should be written in English.
  • High school midyear reports should be sent by February, and by the end of that month, applicants will receive notification of their admissions status..
  • Personal interviews with the admissions committee will be held in March-April.
  • Final admissions decisions will be released in April.


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