What does the preparation pack include?

    • 5 Full simulations for the YAEL test.
    • Analysis of three essays with grades and reports provided by our professional team.
    • An instruction booklet on essay writing and practice tests.
    • Detailed explanations, accompanied by examples, for all types of questions in the YAEL test: completion of sentences, reformulation and reading comprehension.
    • Test-specific vocabulary lists: important words, synonyms, idioms and expressions.
    • Vocabulary-improvement practice exercises: with emphasis on phrases, idioms and expressions, and more.
    • Materials relevant to the YAELNET test: regarding grammar and syntax. Familiarity with these materials reduce stress and help in dealing with test questions.
    • Practice tests for grammatical improvement: conditional sentences, spoken parts, active and passive voices, prepositions and more.
    • Essay writing instructions and practice exercise: The essay, which is a chapter in its own right, is one of the great challenges in the YAEL and YAELNET tests, and you will find a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to write an essay with practice exercises.
    • Information regarding time planning: how much time to allocate for each question in the test, how to plan the time for each step in the essay chapter: planning, writing and checking.
    • Simulations for the YAEL online test: simulate the real exam and include detailed explanations of each question.
    • A link to two additional YAEL tests by the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation (NITE), the body that develops the YAEL and YAELNET tests.
    • A variety of exercises in YAEL subjects: both computerized exercises and printable exercises.
    • The pack contains smart reports that show not only the score in the test but also a normalized score, which allows you to understand whether the grade you received is higher or lower than the other examinees.
    • Time-limited practice tests (mimicking the YAEL actual test) and guided exercises, which include detailed explanations for each question: how to disqualify the wrong answers and how to solve the question effectively and quickly.
    • You can practice with no limitations, 24/7, from any browser - on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


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